How We Help

Parents of medically fragile children spend lots of time in the hospital, often without financial resources to eat and care for themselves.

They are losing time at work, making money a huge challenge so there is a huge need to support these parents.

Jenevieve's Purpose provides the funds directly to Children’s Hospital due to HIPAA laws, and the hospital provides vouchers for the families to eat while they stay.

How Can You Help?

When a parent is thrown into a hospital with a child, the last thing they think about is themselves and forget to eat or they are too worried over finances and don't eat to save money.
Help us end this stress for parents in the Colorado Springs community. Managing a medically fragile child is difficult and stressful enough. Let's help give them the fuel they need to be there for their child and alleviate at least one stress while they tend to their child in the hospital.

You can get involved by donating money, hosting a fundraiser, or volunteering. We always need help and the need for this community in Colorado Springs grows daily.
Your support is greatly appreciated by these parents.

"Thank you so much for your kindness. We spent several weeks at Children's Hospital and getting these food vouchers daily was such a stress relief."

Anonymous Parent at Children's Hospital


There is a huge need for parents that sit in the hospital with their children and are losing time at work and are unable to eat due to no money,

Why was this non profit created?

When you're in the hospital with your child, they tell the parent they need to take care of themselves. They say take a shower, get some fresh air, and eat. The one thing that this non-profit can help with is providing them with a meal so they can keep up their strength and can continue to tend to their sick child.

Why donate?

To help a parent with a sick child and to help elevate a burden that no parent should have to worry about when having to take care of a sick child.